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The Box

Type: Short Film       Genre: Science Fiction/Comedy      Running Length: TBC

The Box is about a group of conspiracy theorists who meet weekly to socialise and discuss all things conspiracy based. On this particular meeting their once happy group is thrown into a state of mistrust, and paranoia when an old member returns after having been missing for some time.
Carrying nothing with him but a sealed cardboard box, Jim tells his friends of the legend behind 'The Box'. If it in fact the box, this mysterious item is said to contain a monster, which seems ridiculous, as after all, it's just a cardboard box. The problem is that the only way to prove that there is no monster inside is to open it...

The Box is a sequel to an earlier film written by David Pustansky 'Monster In The Box'.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Adie Gargan, Erika Sanderson, Vicky Poole, Liam Mulvey, Jonathan Stanley, and Robert Sladden