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Cost £5.50. Postage is Free

Cost: £10.00 Plus £2.50 P+P

Sparky Buddy Productions were on hand to film the Spotlight Variety Show at The Queens Park Arts Centre on July 18th 2015.

The whole show was shot in 4K Ultra High Definition, as well as using  multiple additional HD cameras to capture extra shots and close ups.

DVD can be purchased now, but will only be delivered after its release date of July 27th.

Spotlight Little Lights Show: July 18th 2015

On May 17th 2015 Spotlight presented the Spotlight Variety Show live from the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Sparky Buddy Productions were on hand to film the whole show to produce this DVD.

The audio from the show was recorded directly from the Theatre's microphone and sound system ensuring the audio matches what you will have heard live on the day. The footage was captured on multiple High Definition cameras, including the show being filmed earlier in the day during the dress rehearsal to allow for the best quality edit of the show possible.

Cost £10.00 Plus £2.50 P+P

Cost: £12.50 plus £2.50 P+P

Lessons The Musical is the first ever movie made starring the students of Spotlight Musical Theatre School. Featuring lots of stories, adventures, imagination and ten song/dance routines performed by the students.

Lessons The Musical DVD

  • 2 Discs
  • Full film
  • Scene selection
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • Extended Blooper Reel
  • Making of Features
  • Famous Movie Quotes Featurette
  • Extended/Alternative Scenes

Please Note: DVD release date is July 27th 2015, so whilst you can purchase now to reserve your copy, the DVD will only be sent out beginning on July 27th.

Lessons The Musical: The Spotlight Movie

Sparky Buddy Productions have worked with Spotlight Musical Theatre School on several occasions to create DVDs of their live theatre performances, as well as shoot the Feature length film 'Lessons The Musical' which had it's premiere at the CineWorld cinema in Milton Keynes on July 12th 2015. Below you will find information on each title as well as ordering information to purchase DVDs of each show.

Spotlight Variety Show: May 17th 2015

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Sparky Buddy Productions were on hand to film the Spotlight Variety Show at The New Theatre Oxford on July 5th 2015.

A DVD of the show will be available to order very soon!

In the meantime, if you would like to pre-order please email: