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Please see the video below of a Show Reel created by Sparky Buddy Productions for Singer Fiona Harrison.

Head Shot Services

You'll be able to read full details of our head shot services on our photography page, but here's a quick over view for the performers out there:

We have a range of Professional standard DSLR cameras with multiple lenses to capture excellent quality photographs.

We can shoot both outdoors in natural lighting or indoors under professional photography lights.

We can retouch photos using Photoshop to adjust lighting, contrast, focus and colour as well as removing spots, moles, tired eyes etc etc.

We are also happy to go beyond simple head shots and can take publicity shots, artistic shots which are good for promotional materials and fun shots. There is also no limit to how many changes of clothes you wish to make during the time allocated for the shoot to allow you as many different looks as possible.

Voice Reels

We can offer high quality Voice Reel recording services.

We have professional standard microphones, and audio editing software to be able to deliver great sounding Audio recordings be it for monologues, dualogues, singing, or presenter and talk show/podcast style recordings.

Show Reels

We can shoot original material for you, be it scripted or improvised, something you have prepared or something we come up with for you in 4K or Full HD.

Already got footage? We can edit it together to make great looking montages and highlight videos!

We can shoot on location or in front of green screento add in locations or logos.

We also offer autocue which makes delivering those direct to camera pieces that much less stressful.

Are you an Actor, Singer, Presenter, Stand Up Comedian, Pro Wrestler, Dancer or another kind of performer? Sparky Buddy Productions can offer the complete package of essential promotional materials to further your career!

Show Reel, Voice Reel, and Head Shots Packages