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Type: Short Film        Genre: Thriller         Running Length: 24 minutes

Scratch is a thriller about three individuals who come together to help each other
solve a personal need. One of them wants to go to prison for murder. One of them wants to kill. One of them wants to die. Each of them can 'scratch' the back of another and together they can commit the perfect murder. But things are never that simple are they?

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Brendan Carr, Eliza Leonard and David Pustansky
Crew: Lucy Hoult, Ben Cross, Ben Grady and Daniel Barber


Type: Short Film        Genre: Abstract/Thriller         Running Length: 09:52

Ron's Day Out is the story of Him and Her, two siblings with a troubled past, a twisted relationship and a dark secret which is currently locked inside their bathroom.

Written by Eliza Leonard and Jonathan Reid Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Eliza Leonard and Jonathan Reid

The Mystery Of the Market Town Murder

Type: Site Specific Street Theatre       Genre: Mystery/Thriller        Running Length: 1 Hour

The Mystery Of The Market Town Murder is a site specific mystery thriller that was a co-production with Aylesbury Town Council. The play is best described as a Victorian period set interactive episode of 24. The story follows the hunt for the Jack The Ripper esque 'Crimson Shadow'.

Featuring death, intense stage combat sequences, scare jumps, and twists the play is an interactive man hunt where the audience are continually made to engage in the thriller.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Sarah Wilkins, David Pustansky, Paul Adams, Lucy Hoult, Erika Sanderson, David Ault, Amy-Karen Watterson, Carmel Simmons, Fleur Nicholas, Toby Hannen and Mike Austin

Last Man Standing

Type: Short Film       Genre: Comedy       Running Length: TBC

Last Man Standing is a romantic comedy about a man who finds himself as the most desired man on the planet, but despite having the choice of any woman in the world the only one he wants is his ex girlfriend who doesn't want him.

Featuring death, intense stage combat sequences, scare jumps, and twists the play is an interactive man hunt where the audience are continually made to engage in the thriller.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring David Pustansky, Tara Dowd, Lisa Bird, Erika Sanderson, Fleur Nicholas, Lucy Hoult, Sarah Crake, Hayley Woodland, William Axetell, Sally Beaumont, Mike Austin, Eliza Leonard, Julie Graham, Elle Austin, Vicky Poole, Tania Higgins.

Lights Camera Aylesbury: The Documentary

Type: Feature Film     Genre: Documentary       Running Length: TBC

Lights Camera Aylesbury is a documentary about the performing arts and filmmaking community within Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Featuring behind the scenes looks at several of Sparky Buddy Productions films including The Box, Scratch, Sticks and Stones, The Brooding, Last Man Standing, and the Battle Of Aylesbury, as well as
interviews and features on many of the other film and theatre actors, directors and filmmakers in Aylesbury.

Those featured in the documentary include creatives from the following: The Queens Park Arts Centre, cast and crew from Aylesbury Dead, Unbound Theatre, The ImProDigies Theatre Company, Jigsaw Theatre Company, The Bucks Drama Festival, Events from Aylesbury Town Council, PantoWeen, The Mystery Of The Market Town Murder, The Haddenham Mummers, Dreamchaser Entertainment and more.

Shot and Directed by David Pustansky

The ImProDigies Shows

Type: Improvised Theatre      Genre: Comedy       Running Length: Various

Shows include: It's A Scandal, Hardcore Imprography, Not Another Scandal, Professor Preposterous and more.

The ImProDigies Theatre Company was the first form of Sparky Buddy Productions before we expanded our focus beyond improvised theatre to include scripted plays, sketch shows and filmed work.

The shows included long and short form improvised comedy shows, often with a theme including relationships, news or adventure.

The ImProDigies shows will now be branded as  'Sparky Buddy Productions present The imProDigies'

The ImProDigies are available for bookings as an act for most occasions. For more information on The ImProDigies please visit

Directed by David Pustansky
Starring David Pustansky, Naomi Petersen, Rob Langston, Frederick Szkoda, Christopher Walsh, Peter Steele, Hester Kent, Dominique Green, Andrew Hanratty, Nicholas Gauci, Louise Berryman, Alexandra Watson, Jonathan Stanley, Mathew Forsythe, Yvette Shiel, Robert Sladden, Joanna Greaves, Matthew Cosgrove, Victoria Tyrrell, Julia Korning, Laura Huxley, Kenneth Wright, Adam Seigel and Alexa Hedly

The Battle Of Aylesbury

Type: Short Film        Genre: Animated/Period War Film     Running Length: 15: 37

The Battle Of Aylesbury is an animated film set during the English Civil War's battle of Aylesbury of 1642. The film focuses on the relationship between three soldiers going into battle and is a story of loyalty and betrayal.

The film's visual style is of ink drawings coming to life from the pages of the history books. The film was shot live action in front of green screen and then animated using traditional rotoscoping techniques to bring the Civil War to life.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring David Pustansky, Chris Townsend, Eliza Leonard, Mike Austin, Fleur
Nicholas and Kierran Stevenson
Animated by David Pustansky and Jane Martin
Crew: Ben Cross and Daniel Barber

The Brooding

Type: Short Film       Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy       Running Length: TBC

The Brooding is a short film all about super villians struggling over power and
control. It is also performed entirely in verse.

A group of ordinary people are exposed to an unexplainable phenomenon and are gifted/cursed with super human abilities. Now known as Raven, Slamander, Red Kite and Owl they rein over the earth with tyranny. Only perhaps their internal fighting will give a glimmer of hope to the world.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Vicky Poole, Tania Higgins, Fleur Nicholas, David Pustansky, Elle Austin, and Mike

The Box

Type: Short Film       Genre: Science Fiction/Comedy      Running Length: TBC

The Box is about a group of conspiracy theorists who meet weekly to socialise and discuss all things conspiracy based. On this particular meeting their once happy group is thrown into a state of mistrust, and paranoia when an old member returns after having been missing for some time.
Carrying nothing with him but a sealed cardboard box, Jim tells his friends of the legend behind 'The Box'. If it in fact the box, this mysterious item is said to contain a monster, which seems ridiculous, as after all, it's just a cardboard box. The problem is that the only way to prove that there is no monster inside is to open it...

The Box is a sequel to an earlier film written by David Pustansky 'Monster In The Box'.

Written and Directed by David Pustansky
Starring Adie Gargan, Erika Sanderson, Vicky Poole, Liam Mulvey, Jonathan Stanley, and Robert Sladden,

Aylesbury Dead

Type: Feature Film       Genre: Horror    Running Length: TBC

Aylesbury Dead is a zombie apocalypse feature film written and directed by William Axetell, and starring David Pustansky.

Produced by Teleport Films, Sparky Buddy Productions were happy to collaborate on the project through use of resources and equipment to help see the production completed.

Written and Directed by William Axetell
Starring David Pustansky, Zoe Griffiths, Fleur Nicholas, William Axetell, David Czapski, Mike Austin, Elle Austin, Sian Abrahams and Kierran Stevenson

For the full list of cast and crew please visit the Aylesbury Dead or Teleport Films Facebook pages.


Type: Feature Film       Genre: Musical    Running Length: TBC

Lessons is a feature length film produced for Spotlight Musical Theatre School. Showing the antics, fun and drama of school life, the film is set over the couurse of a school day.
Directed by David Pustansky, production work is being undertaken by Sparky Buddy Productions.

Screenplay by Grace Bishop and David Pustansky
Directed by David Pustansky
Starring: The students of Spotlight Musical Theatre School

For more information on Spotlight Musical Theatre School please visit

Krav Maga Energy/Guru Fitness Academy Commercials

Type: Commercial      Genre: Commercial  Running Length: Various

Sparky Buddy Productions have collaborated twice with Krav Maga Energy & Guru Fitness Academy to create two commercials for this self defence and fitness training programme.

Queens Park Arts Centre: 35th Anniversary Film

Type: Feature Film      Genre: Documentary   Running Length: TBC

In 2015, the Queens park Arts Centre in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire will celebrate it's 35th anniversary. This film will take a look back at the history of the centre, from it's humble beginnings, how it has survived and thrived through support of its loyal local community and how it plans to progress forward for the next generations.

Directed by David Pustansky

For more information on The Queens Part Arts Centre please visit

That Silly Productions Murder Mystery Shows Commercials

Type: Commercial      Genre: N/A   Running Length: Various

Info coming soon.