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Sparky Buddy Productions are able to offer a wide range of production services to meet our clients needs.

We work with a large pool of professionals who bring many years of industry experience to be able to create a project to meet your requirements and budget. We will consider projects of any size, scope or budget.

If you would like to enquire about working with/hiring Sparky Buddy Productions to work on your project please email:

Here's a quick overview of the services we are able to offer:


Feature Films        Short Films        Commercials        Idents        Promo Videos        

Viral Videos           Music Videos     Documentaries    Animated Films        

Presenter Pieces        Wedding Videos       Private Event Videos        Media Events


Plays        Musicals        Improvised Shows        Sketch Shows        Performance Poetry
Pantomimes        Private Events


Show Reel Production        Voice Reel Production           Video Editing Services     

Visual SFX Editing     

Head Shot Photography        Promo Photography        Wedding Photography     

Media Events


We are able to assist with your vision from initial ideas, through to script writing to shooting and post production editing and everything else in between. We are happy to work to create a whole project or provide a single service in any of the following areas:

Script Writing
Have an idea, but need help to create a script? Need an idea to promote a product or business? Have a current script in development, but need a script doctor to add some life to it? Whatever the stage of development we may be able to offer to help improve or create from scratch the script for your project.

Story boarding

We can offer to story board films from start to finish or to be used as proof of concept materials for any production. We use industry leading technology and experienced story board artists to help create a visual representation of films in preproduction.   

If you or your company would be interested in hiring/collaborating with Sparky Buddy Productions please contact us with details of your project by emailing: