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Press Releases

Below are the Press Releases put out by Sparky Buddy Productions

Additional Press Cuttings

Click the images below to see larger versions of other times Sparky Buddy Productions were featured in the press.

Other Press Coverage

In addition to the audio/video/online magazines you can view above. Sparky Buddy Productions have had coverage from outlets including those listed on the right. As we are able to find some of these archived articles/recordings we will make them available on this page.

Sparky Buddy Productions has been featured in the press through several outlets over the years. On this page you can find a selection of press cuttings, audio and video of our projects from when we were featured in the media.

Also on this page you can find copies of our Press Releases.

If you are a member of the press and would like to contact Sparky Buddy Productions about one of our projects/to arrange an interview please email or use the contact form below.

The Improdigies improve show 'Hardcore Imprography' is featured in TNT Magazine. A cast photo from our previous show 'It's A Scandal!' along with an article about Hardcore Imprography are featured on page 26.

It's Crumpled, Needs Ironing/Presto and Clown press release. Click the download button to the right.

David Pustansky discusses The Battle of Aylesbury film and The Mystery Of The Market Town Murder on BBC Three Counties Radio.

The inside cover features the poster for Pantoween and page 5 features info/photos from The Mystery Of The Market Town Murder showing cast members David Ault, Lucy Hoult and Carmel Clack.

David Pustansky and Caroline MitchellRehder discuss It's Crumpled, Needs Ironing/Presto and Clown on BBC Radio Oxford.

Coverage of Sparky Buddy Productions in the media

Erika Sanderson is featured from The Vale Of Secrets on the cover of Aylesbury Town Matters Magazine. A cast photo of Pantoween and another image from The Vale Of Secrets along with an article mentioning both productions are featured on pages 4 and 5.  

In this issue of Aylesbury Town Matters there is information about the launch of the Lights Camera Aylesbury Project. There are also photos of David Pustansky with this info on page 21.

David Pustansky and Caroline Rehder appeared on That's Oxford TV (Freeview Channel 7) to discuss It's Crumpled, Needs Ironing/Presto and Clown with host Felicity Walker.