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Lights Camera Aylesbury

The Lights Camera Aylesbury project was started by David Pustansky in 2013 as a way to support the performing arts and filmmaking community within Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

With support of Aylesbury Town Council and The Aylesbury Vale Arts Council, the initial phase of the Lights Camera Aylesbury project saw the development of six short films all shot in Aylesbury and using many Aylesbury based actors and film crew.

'I am extremely proud of what was achieved during the project. Before I started LCA it was my experience that there were little to no professional performing arts opportunities within Aylesbury. This project set out to change that. Lights Camera Aylesbury created opportunities for Aylesbury based talent who had never had the opportunity to work together, or work locally to come together on projects. It also gave many people their first professional opportunities and a foot into the performing arts industry.' David Pustansky

Since 2014 David and Sparky Buddy Productions have fostered many relationships with Aylesbury based performing arts companies, schools and individuals to see the continued creation of professional performing arts and filmmaking opportunities.

Here are some of the Aylesbury based organisations/individuals that David and/or Sparky Buddy Productions have worked with since starting the Lights Camera Aylesbury project:

Queens Park Arts Centre

Unbound Theatre

Spotlight Musical Theatre School

Teleport Films

Aylesbury Town Council

Mike Peel/Rogue Creations SFX

Brendan Carr

Erika Sanderson

Jigsaw Theatre

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School