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Sparky Buddy Productions returns to it's Improv roots with an all new improvised audio show!

Hosted by David Pustansky and featuring a revolving cast of comic improvisers the Sparky Buddy ImprovCast is the perfect blend between Improv Sketch Comedy, Panel Show and Podcast!

The show will be available as both an audio download on iTunes and SoundCloud, and as a video podcast on YouTube and Facebook when the show launches in September 2016!

Performers on the Sparky Buddy Improv Show have included:

David Pustansky (Host)

Rob Langston

Andy Smart

Louise Gray

Robert Roy

Charlotte Chinn

Andre Skeete

Jamie Liard

Alistair Sanderson

Pete Benson

Kelly Nicholas

Tom DGeggus

Gareth Johnson

Toby Hannen


Are you a comic improviser? Stand up comic? Or funny person with a weird imagination and can pull out a few cod accents? Then we want to hear from you for a future episode of The Sparky Buddy ImprovCast!

Please email for more details on recording dates and how to get involved!

Venues or the Sparky Buddy Improv Show have included:

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