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The script for 'It's Crumpled, Needs Ironing' is available as part of the 'Early Days' collection of plays

which is available to buy here:

'Presto and Clown' is available as part of the 'The Muse Sneezes and Other Plays' collection which is available to buy here:

Sparky Buddy Productions are pleased to announce it will soon be presenting a double bill of new plays: It’s Crumpled, Needs Ironing and Presto and Clown from Oxfordshire playwright Caroline Mitchell Rehder, and directed by David Riley Pustansky.

The plays will be performing at:

Aylesbury: Limelight Theatre/Queens Park Arts Centre: September 18th/25th 2016

Oxford: Old Fire Station: September 22nd/23rd 2016

London: Unrestricted View: September 27th/28th 2016

It’s Crumpled, Needs Ironing is an offbeat, unsentimental comedic drama about childhood. The play features a mother who cannot connect with her new born baby son, who in this play is represented by a very articulate adult actor to give the child’s perspective and voice to the world.

As this parent and child struggle with their relationship, two employees of the state attempt to mediate, but find their endeavours tricky when dealing with a mother and son who can’t take being around each other, but also can’t take being apart!

In Presto and Clown we follow the story of Presto, a third-rate magician with big dreams… and a painful lack of self-confidence! His only help to overcome his fears and face the world come in the form of Clown, a very colourful circus clown who is childlike and outgoing…and everything Presto is not.

The play takes a humorous approach to examine ongoing obsessions, and both plays feature drama mixed with humour, physical theatre and slapstick.

Caroline’s plays have previously been performed in fringe venues in Berne, Amsterdam, London and Oxford, and at colleges in Switzerland and England.

The director, David Pustansky has directed shows at venues including The Roundhouse Studio Theatre, New Theatre Oxford, The Tristan Bates Theatre and The Etcetera Theatre. With Sparky Buddy Productions, David has directed several films including The Battle Of Aylesbury, Scratch and The Box.


To buy tickets, please click on the link below for your preferred venue: