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Sparky Buddy Productions is a multi platform production company.

Founded by David Riley Pustansky, Sparky Buddy Productions create high quality content, primarily in the form of film and theatre productions. We are proud to have created many opportunities for actors, directors, writers, photographers, film and theatre crew and people in all areas of the performing arts industry.

In addition to work in film and theatre, Sparky Buddy Productions also branch out into many other areas including computer and mobile applications, and software, graphic design and other services.

In recent years Sparky Buddy Productions have started putting their resources, know how and equipment to use to offer a range of production services. This includes Wedding Videography, Live Event Videography (School plays/Music events/Sports events), Typography (The design of computer fonts) and graphic design. If you would like to enquire about any of these services please email:

Our portfolio of work include:

Short Films                                       Feature Films
Animated Films                               Commercials
Online Promos                                Documentaries
Music Videos                                                          

Plays                                          Musicals
Pantomimes                             Sketch Shows
Long Form Improv                   Short Form Improv
Outdoor Theatre                      Private Events

Community Projects            Photography Services
Show Reel Services              Voice Reel Services
Workshops                            Editing Services
Video SFX Services               Live Event Videography

Wedding Videography                             

If you or your company would be interested in hiring/collaborating with Sparky Buddy Productions please visit our Production
Services page for details or our Contact Us page to get in touch


Founded by David Riley Pustansky, Sparky Buddy Productions began life in 2010 when David formed The ImProDigies Theatre Company. In this first form the company's focus was to produce improvised theatre. This included improvised short form sketch style comedy and long form improvised plays.

Our early years included our debut show 'It's A Scandal!' which played at The Etcetera Theatre and was later the headlining act of the 2010 Nursery Festival of improvised theatre.

Our next show was 'Hardcore Imprography' which was performed at
The Roundhouse Studio Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe.

Other shows in our early history included 'Professor Preposterous', our improvised show for children which played at The Hackney Children's Theatre, 'Not Another Scandal', the follow up to our debut show which played at The Tristan Bates
Theatre as part of their TB Sparks Season and our first scripted show, 'The Halloween Variety Show' which was a sketch show that incorporated sketches, songs, and shadow theatre. This show was a special commission by Aylesbury Town Council who we would form a close working relationship for several of our projects.

From 2012 onwards the company began to expand beyond both theatre and improvised work which by 2014 made it apparent that the name 'The ImProDigies Theatre Company' would misrepresent the expanded body of work that we were
undertaking. As such the name Sparky Buddy Productions was born as our new name that we would use to cover all of the work we will continue to create. We will continue to use The ImProDigies name for our improvised theatre shows, but from this point on they will be branded as Sparky Buddy Productions present The ImProDigies.

In 2014 we were awarded support from The  Aylesbury Vale Arts Council and Aylesbury Town Council to lead a community project to support and develop the performing arts and film making community within Aylesbury. This included the creation of six short films and a supporting documentary as well as other activities.

Our film portfolio includes the feature length Documentaries 'Do It At Queens Park', a film made to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Queens Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury, the feature length musical 'Lessons The Musical' and short films inlcuding The Box, Sticks And Stones, Scratch, Last Man Standing, and The Battle Of Aylesbury.

We have also created commercials for clients including The Queens Park Arts Centre, Guru Fitness Academy, and The Food Whisperer along with video content for