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Recent Show:

The Rose Thief: November 12th/13th 2016

Written & Directed by David Pustansky

Film and Theatre Production
4K and Full HD Video Production
Stills Photography
Film & Theatre  Direction & Producing
Video Editing: Visual Effects & Sound Design
Animation: Traditional Hand Drawn & CGI
Script & Concept Creation

Available for hire

Wedding Video Production
Commercials for Small Businesses
Video Production for Gigs, School Plays & other Live Events
Music Videos
Media & Press Event Video Production
Feature & Short Film Production

Clients & Collaborators

Here are some of the organisations Sparky Buddy Productions have worked with to produce Film and Theatre content.

Welcome to the official website of Sparky Buddy Productions film and theatre production company.

We produce our own projects and are also available to hire to produce content for others.

Our film portfolio consists of short and feature films, documentaries, animated films, commercials, online promos, music videos, live and media event recordings and more.

Our theatre portfolio consists of plays, sketch shows, long and short form impro shows, pantomimes, performance poetry and more.